Monday, March 24, 2008

Photography on a weekend

A few attempts with my new camera. Tried some shots in Boston...thank god the weather is coming around. Today it was mid forties, so I was out taking some pictures. I also made some attempts to get picturesof a tennis ball bouncing in my room. I tried to use really fast shutter speeds (1/200S, F/5.6, IS 1600). The pictures outside in birght sunlight were mostly taken in the program mode. ( 1/25 s shutter speed, f/6.1, ISO 100-200)

The track behind MIT (right in the middle of cambridge). On a philosophical level just seems like my life. Me and Deepthi running parallel, but due to parallax error, it seems to converge at infinity.

My favorite street Mass. Ave. You can see Novartis. The huge builiding with exhausts popping out on the top.

Boston!! The sidewalk runs parallel to the Charles River. It was beautiful day today and a lot of people were taking a nice walk in the afternoon.

Boston side of charles river (a small canal). Bad shot right into the Sun.

Attempted to catch the tennis ball on a roll. This shot was taken at a much slower shutter speed (1/25 s). Check the numerous frames that the camera captured.

Here I captured the ball in mid air (in flash, shutter speed 1/100 s)

Similar attempt to capture the ball, with nuch slower shutter speed (1/10 s)

Caught the ball right at the bouncing point! See the slight change in the shape at the contact point! (1/100s shutter speed)

Caught the flame in motion ( 1/50s, flash)

Need to get more creative with the subjectds and need to work on reducing the white balance so I can capture things in day light with small aperture and slower shutter speed.

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